Wedding Make up

I thought I would do a little post about wedding make up as I do get asked about this a lot and if I have time I will do a wedding or two to be honest I really enjoy the day!!

Firstly there are a lot of bad make up artists doing bad bridal make up the worst of their crimes grey shiny skin and a badly applied sliver eye shadow awful! As I always say you get what you pay for what I don’t understand is brides pay a fortune for the dress, the venue and the photographer then pay very little for a make up artist?? On your big day you want to be picture perfect as apart from your marriage the only thing you will have left from your big day is your pics!

My advice is to pay a bit more for a good artist who doesn’t just do bridal make up look for other work magazine tears or celebrity work these artists will be experts in their field and will be up to date with new techniques and products. I often have brides tell me I am too expensive but they are paying for my time and skill any bride I have ever done has always been delighted so I think that might tell you something.

My work in Cosmo Bride 2010 – (Sharmila)

My Bridal website

The Real Madonna

I am a big Madonna fan I think she is amazing.  She is now in her fifties  but she still rocks it big time… I have just come across unretouched pictures of her from the Louis Vuitton campaign first of all I think she looks fine unretouched and secondly I don’t have a problem with retouching. If you are selling a product whether its make up or a car the best version of this needs to be projected to the public, especially in fashion you are selling a fantasy an ideal.

I think there is a fine line with retouching over retouching just starts to look wrong but done well its fab. For an icon like Madonna image is everything so she wants to present to the world the best version of her the version that will sell Vuitton! I had my wedding pictures retouched and I have to say they look amazing!

Unretouched                                                                 Retouched

My Wedding Pic retouched

Vanity? Not for me I hate my picture being taken and I hate the results but I have 200 photographs that I love. I think it helped that I had noted fashion photographer Peter Breen taking them who managed to find my angle see above!