Yoga Bunny

My very good friend Peter Breen is off to shoot a very glamorous Yoga video in the south of France unfortunately I am unable to go with him to do the male grooming so here are my tips for keeping protected, gorgeous and shiny in the sun….

1. Apply a high factor suncreen Lancaster sun sport multi zone cream stick in spf 30 £20 will be perfect for the face.

2.Cover the entire body in Lancaster sun sport multi protection express mist spf 30 £20. Make sure the sunscreen is applied at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun this gives the product chance to sink in.

Both of these products are water and sweat resistant as it will be very hot and the yoga master will be working very hard.

3.A little bit of concealing will be required to cover any imperfections so after applying the sunscreen and letting it settle in to the skin, this can be done with Laura Mercier Camouflage concealer as it is durable and long lasting.

4. To keep the concealer in place I would spritz final seal by Ben Nye to keep the concealer in place powder isn’t going to work!

5. The look of the video is super sexy and shiny so to finish liberally spritz Lancaster satin bronze dry oil spf6 all over the body this may need to be done several times during the shoot, this product also enhances the tan…

6. I would also suggest reapplying the factor 30 half way through the day even if it means having to shower and start the whole process again….It’s just to make sure the yoga teacher is fully protected throughout the day as too much sun can be devastating!

House of Fraser have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment on all Lancaster products!

Have a great shoot!!

The Day of the shoot

Technically I am not supposed to be working as I am now very preggy but I just can’t resist the lure of a shoot, I’m not getting paid so it doesn’t count surely??

I normally wake up ridiculously early I believe my body is getting me ready for motherhood – super! But today of all days I manage to sleep in until 8am amazing! Anyway I drag my pregnant self downstairs to make sandwiches for the shoot its my mothering instincts kicking in that I want to feed everybody. As the shoot is at my house I kind of feel obliged plus I hate being on a shoot and not getting fed. I then make sure the rest of the house is shoot ready.

It takes sometime to get both of the models ready I do believe you can’t rush beauty… I have to do the tan, the nails which I paint a dark grey Gosh Miss Grey then make up… Marc Ramos is doing hair… Eventually we are ready the weather is rubbish so we decide to start in the Officers Mess thank god I live in a Raf base and have access to this location.

Pete is shooting stills and a film so we have a lot to get through. Below is a sneak preview that I took with my iphone.

The Photographer

It’s Saturday and the weather is touch and go raining then shinning to think for the last two weeks its been constant sunshine…..which inspired the shoot… Pete finally arrives at Didcot train station so I go and pick him up as I live in a rural area public transport isn’t good and cars are a necessity! I don’t think Didcot has ever seen anything like Mr Breen before and as usual he causes quite a stir dressed head to toe in black bar a fur coat with hair bigger than the Eiffel tower he trots over to my car with all his equipment for tomorrow.

We have known each other a long time and Pete is one of my oldest and most dearest friends. ‘Weather’ I say ‘I know’ Pete says we need a back up plan… I have been thinking that this might be an issue so I suggest we use the Officers Mess which is an interesting backdrop, it’s old fashioned and quite baroque but has rather beautiful opulent wallpaper (you wouldn’t want it in your house) The place has angles that’s all you need to know.

I decide to take Pete to Swyncombe wood as a possible out door location as it’s sheltered and quite beautiful. Pete has already mentioned that he would like to shoot in a field full of rapeseed and as luck would have it the wood is surrounded by said fields. Pete is really impressed and assumes I planned this. Pete takes some shots and is really inspired he gets me to ‘model’ I look a complete idiot and very pregnant, its hard to do whimsical when your thirty four months gone.  So I bound around the wood like a fairy elephant lets hope the models have a little more elegance than me!

So we have our outdoor location now we need a back up plan an indoor location…To the mess…actually the mess turns out to be amazing with lots of natural light beautiful, we both feel a little better about the shoot now as we do have a plan B!