Yoga Bunny

My very good friend Peter Breen is off to shoot a very glamorous Yoga video in the south of France unfortunately I am unable to go with him to do the male grooming so here are my tips for keeping protected, gorgeous and shiny in the sun….

1. Apply a high factor suncreen Lancaster sun sport multi zone cream stick in spf 30 £20 will be perfect for the face.

2.Cover the entire body in Lancaster sun sport multi protection express mist spf 30 £20. Make sure the sunscreen is applied at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun this gives the product chance to sink in.

Both of these products are water and sweat resistant as it will be very hot and the yoga master will be working very hard.

3.A little bit of concealing will be required to cover any imperfections so after applying the sunscreen and letting it settle in to the skin, this can be done with Laura Mercier Camouflage concealer as it is durable and long lasting.

4. To keep the concealer in place I would spritz final seal by Ben Nye to keep the concealer in place powder isn’t going to work!

5. The look of the video is super sexy and shiny so to finish liberally spritz Lancaster satin bronze dry oil spf6 all over the body this may need to be done several times during the shoot, this product also enhances the tan…

6. I would also suggest reapplying the factor 30 half way through the day even if it means having to shower and start the whole process again….It’s just to make sure the yoga teacher is fully protected throughout the day as too much sun can be devastating!

House of Fraser have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment on all Lancaster products!

Have a great shoot!!

Always use Sunscreen!

In the words of Baz Lurman always use sunscreen and do something that scares you each day!! British summer time is upon us once more I really can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your skin. I personally wear a factor 50 all year round as any sun can be damaging and ageing. Joan Collins always says  her youthful appearance is down to staying out of the sun and at 70 something I have to say she is right!

My top five for the face

1. La Roche extreme fluid sun spf 50+ (My personal fav this is what I use all year round) Its a very light weight cream suitable for most skin.

2. Clarins uv plus protective day sunscreen SPF 40. Again a light weight fluid but leaves a matte finish to skin.

3. Elizabeth Arden eight hour sun defence for face SPF 50.  This cream gives you all the protection eight hour fans love about the Arden cult range.

4.Biotherm sun milk face SPF 50.  If your skin is a bit on the sensitive side then this is the cream for you designed to be gentle but protective

5. Lancaster sun sport multizone cream SPF 30. This is a great cream for active sun worshippers light weight non greasy and sweat proof! House of Fraser also have a 3 for 2 on all Lancaster products at the moment!

No excuses don’t burn its not cool!!