Faking it

Today I was booked to do a little beauty feature for Celebs on Sunday, lovely close ups of the eye with various types of lashes. My favourite had to be the top and bottom lashes by Nicola Roberts for eyelure I didn’t think I would like them but they looked fab on the model. There was a very scary moment when I had to attach some world cup England flag lashes I hope they don’t make it to the final cut…

We also tried out the Elegant touch by Paris Hilton lashes which where quite sweet but they weren’t great to shoot with the eye open. As you would expect from Paris they glittered and sparkled!

I have to say I preferred good old Mac lashes as they where easy to apply and looked great. The ‘fun’ lashes where quite difficult to attach and did take a bit of professional working to get them to look right so I don’t know how the young girls they are targeted at get on with them.

34 Lash