Monaco Grand Prix

It is that time of year when the Monaco grand prix kicks off bringing with it a circus of glitz, glamour and the biggest yachts ever this is a place where length and frontage really count.

Now I am not a fan of formula 1 I don’t get it to me it seems rather pointless almost like a dog chasing its tail accept its dangerous and expensive… I have had first hand experience of the Monaco grand prix and all I can say about the whole weekend was its noisy and stressful…

I was working of course as Monaco is really not my scene I’m not rich and I like to think I’m not tacky!! I think at one point Monaco was beautiful as old buildings can still be scene through the modern mirage that has been built up around the old soul of the town, its a shame really but progress is progress.

At the time I was working for Debeers, Diamond trading company and Steinmetz who wanted to use the glamorous backdrop to promote their diamonds. I have to say they had some amazing pieces needless to say security was high as one earring could be worth in excess of 100k! Steinmetz at the time owned a very large pink diamond and it was sensational very large and very beautiful apparently it can take years to cut a stone that large! I couldn’t resist touching it as I thought this is probably as close as I will ever come to a rock this size!!

Helena Christensen wore the pink and she looked amazing I bet she was nervous as that it one piece of jewellery not to be lost.

The Monaco look – A tan is essential but fake it the last thing a Monaco dolly wants is to age I suggest a St Tropez spray tan extra dark think George Hamilton. Remember more is more here and low maintenance girls need not apply full coverage is a must to be as flawless as a Debeers diamond I suggest applying Vita Luminere by Chanel with a brush then correct any problem areas like the under eye around the nose and chin with Laura Mercier camouflage concealer. Set this with a translucent powder Chanel Crystaline is perfect.

Eyes keep them sparkly and long wearing after all this is a party place use Bobbi Brown longwear cream shadow in Bellini all over the eye and right up to the brow bone follow with Burnished on the lid and into the socket line. Groom the eyebrows and fill in any gaps with an angled brush and powder suitable to your eyebrow colour, remember its usually two shades lighter than you think!! Curl the lashes, if you have straight lashes apply the mascara first then curl if not curl then apply two coats of Maybelline extreme lash mascara in black and opt for the waterproof!

Cheeks pop a bit of Penny Lane by Nars on the apples of the cheeks for a sexy glow… Lips I think should make a statement go for a bright fuchsia Rimmel do a lovely long lasting lipstick in their colour show off range go for shocking pink and make a statement. Just remember to carry the lippy and a compact with you for touch ups and watch the invites to the best parties just roll in!!

The Look

The look I created yesterday was dark and sexy taking references from the supermodels in the nineties. In fact this was the time I started to notice fashion so it was reminiscent of my teens pouring over Vogue magazines in my bedroom.

Pau had simply gorgeous skin with a lovely little smattering of freckles that I wanted to highlight and not cover, I used Mac’s Face and body foundation in c3 as it has a really sheer coverage.  If the skins good don’t put too much on it! I used Laura Mercier camouflage concealer on the under eye and to highlight I set the base with Mac’s Prep and prime making sure this was blended in with a large soft brush.

This look is all about the eye and brow. I started with the brow exaggerating it and defining it with Illamasqua’s brow cake in glaze which gave a nice dark finish. I then started on the eye I used a Bourjois Kohl pencil on the water line top and bottom I then used an angled brush to really get the kohl into the lash line and just below. I then applied Mac cream colour base in Antique gold to the lid and into the socket line I then used Nars cream eyeshadow in gold rush to the front of the eye and tear duct I bumped up the colour with a Mac gold eye shadow in the centre of the eye. Using another cream colour base in dark brown I filled in the socket line and beneath the eye I then used Mac black track on the outer part of the lid and followed with black powder to create a sexy cat eyed look.

Cheeks I used a Make up forever brown cream to contour under the cheek bone on the cheeks I used a Mac mineralize blush in peach and then highlighted with luna cream colour base.

I then curled Pau’s eyelashes and added two coats of stilla Mascara I left the eyelashes quite clumpy to make it look dirty sexy.

After highlighting the lip on the cupids bow with a beige pencil I then added lots of a lip gloss in a light brown colour super sexy.

Marc set the hair in pin curls and back combed to create Pau’s super luxe hair