New Work

This shoot took influence from  early 90’s supermodels/grunge which is back! I find it strange that era’s are back that I have lived through and remember! A sign that I am getting old!! Saying that I might be old but I’ve still got it ha ha!!

Photography Efi Zachou Styling Georgia Frost Make up Victoria Bond Hair Marc Ramos Model Pau @ Select

Britain’s Next Top Model

Britain’s next top model starts again tonight on living tv and has a whole new line up Elle MacPherson takes over from Lisa Snowdan in the ‘Tyra’ role and Julian McDonald (designer) and Grace Woodward (super stylist) provide the  fashion insider back up. The series also has a new concept which allows the viewer to pick the winner. Expect tears, tantrums and bitch fests – fantastic!

Last year I did a beauty shoot with Mercia Simpson the winner of last years BNTM the results are below.

Photography Peter T Breen Make up Victoria Bond Hair Marc Ramos Model Mercia Simpson @ Models 1.

This is one of my favourite beauty shoots let me know what you think?

A kit Essential

This is a great find and something I have discovered since becoming a mum it will be going into my kit pronto! This lanolin based cream is super strong and will sort out any nasty cracked lips, so many models turn up to shoots in the winter with the most dreadful lips a bit of Lansinoh at the start of the make up should really help. Its also strong enough to keep unruly brows in check and provide a shine like eight our cream.

Cheap Make up Brushes

Pro Silk 20 Piece Cosmetic Brush Set & Roll Case

I’m not advertising for QVC but these brushes are fantastic value great for an enthusiastic amateur or as a back up second set of brushes for a busy professional.

Brushes are so important they are the tools of a make up artists trade I’m very precious over mine and I don’t really like anybody to touch them, the dog has been warned chew them and you will end up on ebay!!

My favourite brushes are from Shu Uemura and Mac I favour soft brushes for most applications apart from the obvious like brows and liner. I really like to use a soft brush for foundation and concealer so I can really buffer the product into the skin for an amazing flawless finish…try it you might like it.

Hygiene is really important with brushes and they must be cleaned every time you use them and must not be used on one person then another without being cleaned first. I wash my brushes with baby shampoo or fairy liquid in luke warm water I make sure the are well rinsed then left to dry flat, its important to lay them flat so that water doesn’t get into the handles and loosen the glue.

Some people condition their brushes with hair conditioner but I don’t feel this is necessary. When brushes need to be cleaned quickly between models I use isopropyl which is available from this leaves the brush dry after cleaning.

I always keep my dirty brushes in a fold away container as I really don’t want to pick up a dirty brush and ruin my make up…

The Day of the shoot

Technically I am not supposed to be working as I am now very preggy but I just can’t resist the lure of a shoot, I’m not getting paid so it doesn’t count surely??

I normally wake up ridiculously early I believe my body is getting me ready for motherhood – super! But today of all days I manage to sleep in until 8am amazing! Anyway I drag my pregnant self downstairs to make sandwiches for the shoot its my mothering instincts kicking in that I want to feed everybody. As the shoot is at my house I kind of feel obliged plus I hate being on a shoot and not getting fed. I then make sure the rest of the house is shoot ready.

It takes sometime to get both of the models ready I do believe you can’t rush beauty… I have to do the tan, the nails which I paint a dark grey Gosh Miss Grey then make up… Marc Ramos is doing hair… Eventually we are ready the weather is rubbish so we decide to start in the Officers Mess thank god I live in a Raf base and have access to this location.

Pete is shooting stills and a film so we have a lot to get through. Below is a sneak preview that I took with my iphone.