Updated Website

New year, new work, newly updated website. I now have a grooming section. I am a still awaiting three new shoots which I am very excited about, so watch this space.
One of them is an amazing editorial for 1883 mag shot by Efi Zachou. The other two I was lucky enough to work with, Sairey Stemp fashion editor of Cosmopolitan and photographer Ben Riggot. The results are hot, hot, hot!!

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Ruby’s Début

So Pete has decided that my dog Ruby would be perfect for the shoot, Mr Bond and I are very excited at the prospect of Ruby not only modelling but acting as well…As a pushy parent I have been training her to steal the lime light my dog will do anything for a gravy bone! Mr Bond spends at least an half an hour grooming her, with her long coat this dog is going to be true windologist.

Windologist – a person or animal that can really work the wind in a glamorous manner that is acceptable within the photo shoot enviroment!