Ashes to Ashes

I was  really disappointed that Ashes to ashes ended on Friday I love it, eighties clothes, make up a fab sound track and of course the well known phrase that was cleverly turned round by the Tories ‘Lets fire up the quattro’ I think they must have paid a lot for that car as it featured in nearly every episode I was devastated to see it destroyed! My only criticism is I didn’t quite get it….  the ending it was bizarre!

I loved Alex played by Keeley Hawes so in honour of this great character I have created a modern 80’s look…

How to get the look.

My model had great skin so I opted to use a sheer foundation Mac Face and body did the job perfectly any problem areas such as the under eye, around the nose and chin I used Bobbi Browns creamy concealer, making sure it was well blended.

I added a bit of the concealer to the eye lid then blended then set with a Mac Translucent powder my reason for this is I know I will be working with powdered eyeshadow and it needs a good base to work well on.

The Eyes- First of all I lined the waterline of the eye top and bottom with a Black Kohl pencil buy Bourjois make sure you get right into the tear duct to make the eye liner look finished. To create the super blended eye lid you will need a good blending brush a Mac 224 is perfect and several different coloured eye shadows I used from Mac Arena, Gold mine and Tempting and Mahogany from Bobbi Brown. Experiment with creating this look try to keep the darker colours  in the socket line for a more dramatic look.

I finished the eye by curling the lashes and adding a coat of Max Factor lash extension effect mascara,  inserting individual eyelashes and finishing with another coat of mascara to blend and finish.

Cheeks are quite minimal just a bit of Mac powder blush in Prism under the cheek bone for definition.

The lip is strong so a good lip brush is essential to get a good straight line I always use a Shu Uemura lip brush as its easy to use and gives a lovely shape to the lips. The lip colour I have used is Morange by Mac.

To finish I added a bit of Mac mineralize powder to the under eye as I find this to be a great finishing powder. To set the rest of the make up I swept a translucent powder all over the face.

Worried about the boy- Boy George

Next month BBC2 will be screening worried about the boy as part of their eighties season, this drama starring Matthew Horne who plays drummer Jon Moss will centre on the life of a young boy George played by Douglas Booth and will document  his rise to fame. I’m really looking forward to seeing this as a very young girl I loved culture clubs music Karma chameleon being a particular favourite.

Make up wise you don’t get a better reference than George this is a man after my own heart wearing more make up than a Mac counter George I salute you! The black neck George was sporting a few years ago was a very exaggerated example of contouring showing how dark colour can be slimming…Georges face is a work of art.

A few years ago a did get the pleasure of meeting Boy George it was at a night called Fiction which was held at the Cross, at the time this was the place to be  and I could find myself dancing alongside the late Alexander McQueen and other equally fabulous people!!  He was probably the most fabulous so I’m only going to mention him!!

I ended up spending most of the night chatting to George you could say we where ‘club buddies’ I was really interested in the whole eighties scene the Blitz, Leigh Bowery, Steve Strange etc so I quizzed poor George for most of the night, he did seem quite happy though. At the time George was playing Leigh in Taboo so I think the eighties was quite fresh in his mind.

A lot of the most amazingly talented people in fashion came out of that Blitz era from John Galliano to Pat McGrath the make up genius! It seems a mish mash of fashion, art, music and culture collided and raw talent just spilled out splashing the conciousness of eighties Britain…and still continues today….