Ruby the Movie

I couldn’t resist posting this little film produced by my best friend Peter T Breen and starring my beloved dog Ruby. Pete has used all of the out takes from the light series fashion film we worked on last week, I’m sure you will all agree Ruby is a star!! The only problem is since the making of this film Ruby won’t leave the house without full Chanel Pro luminere coverage, contouring and three sets of eyelashes thank god I’m on maternity leave or she would never get walked. I have been up since 6am separating the blue M&M’s!

One Fit Mama

I am in my thirty fifth week of pregnancy its soon going to be over…thank god although I haven’t had any problems I can’t say I enjoy being pregnant its restrictive. Last week I actually thought I was going into labour only to find out that it was the baby pushing against me, bang goes my mum’s theory that I will know when its going to happen!

On Tuesday I went to see the midwife just for a routine check up all was fine which is fantastic she also told me the reason why my stomach was so hard was because I’m fit which is really good to hear. I’d like to thank my dog and the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside for this by making me get out and walk everyday. I have been walking four miles everyday but this week I’ve had to cut it down to two as I do get tired, but I think exercise really helps!