Baby Ceylon Shoot

I have been working for Baby Ceylon for over a year now, and in that time we have built up a really strong team. The pictures always look amazing. Carol the designer, produces amazing collections every six months. Gorgeous dresses, little tops and shorts all with lovely boho, bahli vibe. do check it out.

Richelle heads up the team, and keeps us all under control. John Macphearson is in charge of hair, and does the most amazing hair! Hes doing mine in a couple of weeks I’m very excited. John has just opened up a salon go to him he’s great!

Jenny from models one pictured left was our model for the day. She was great to work with!

The look I went for, was nude, apricot and peach all blended well and kept really delicate and pretty. I kept the skin and lips quite matte. I applied individual false eyelashes for a light fluttery, open eyed look. It worked really well on Jenny. It’s important on shoots like this that hair and make up are secondary, just well done, after all its just about the clothes!!

Richelle and Adam at the computer checking the work!

We all had loads to talk about, as John, Richelle and I had all had babies. So lots of pictures where passed around.

I really like shooting at Sunbeam studios as the food is great, its really nice to sit down with the team and have a good meal!

A sneak preview of the next collection!

Baby, Baby…

I am up early as usual but that is not a bad thing as I have a lot to do today Mr Bond and I have decided that it is time to go shopping for baby… Now I have to confess I am completely clueless having spent most of my life avoiding people with children, ha that will teach me….I knew I should have tuned into the latest conversation about bugaboo’s and the best nursery’s, now I’m sorry!!

I have asked my mum as I assumed she would be the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to children, after all she brought me up and I’m ok…I think??? I hit a brick wall there as apparently it’s all changed and mum can’t really remember and is expecting me to teach her.

I have a list of what is needed to care for a baby but I know once I set foot in mothercare confusion will occur I will feel panicked and over whelmed must remember to breathe. I also get the feeling that we will get taken advantage of ‘yes you really do need this’ or you will be bad parents hmmm. Knowledge is power.

On a more positive note I have already been bought lots of lovely clothes thanks to my sister Gilly and Auntie Carol so yesterday I washed them ready for when baby is born cute or what?