Baby Ceylon Shoot

I have been working for Baby Ceylon for over a year now, and in that time we have built up a really strong team. The pictures always look amazing. Carol the designer, produces amazing collections every six months. Gorgeous dresses, little tops and shorts all with lovely boho, bahli vibe. do check it out.

Richelle heads up the team, and keeps us all under control. John Macphearson is in charge of hair, and does the most amazing hair! Hes doing mine in a couple of weeks I’m very excited. John has just opened up a salon go to him he’s great!

Jenny from models one pictured left was our model for the day. She was great to work with!

The look I went for, was nude, apricot and peach all blended well and kept really delicate and pretty. I kept the skin and lips quite matte. I applied individual false eyelashes for a light fluttery, open eyed look. It worked really well on Jenny. It’s important on shoots like this that hair and make up are secondary, just well done, after all its just about the clothes!!

Richelle and Adam at the computer checking the work!

We all had loads to talk about, as John, Richelle and I had all had babies. So lots of pictures where passed around.

I really like shooting at Sunbeam studios as the food is great, its really nice to sit down with the team and have a good meal!

A sneak preview of the next collection!

Meaningful Beauty By Cindy Crawford My Review

As a new mum I really think it is important to keep up a good skin care regime with all the hormones and lack of sleep its essential to feed the skin good quality products to keep it in tip top condition. I really liked Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford; this anti ageing skin care range was effective and easy to use.

I really liked the cleanser, it was in an easy to use pump dispenser so no spills and it was non foaming which I like. It suggests using a face cloth to remove the product, I used a muslin cloth and found this gave me an extra clean feeling but without that awful tightness that some cleansers leave.

I tried out the face mask in the bath as this is the little bit of me time that I get. Once applied the mask has an instant tingling and tightening feeling I could almost feel the mask drawing out any impurities there may be in my skin. After fifteen minutes I removed the mask and I definitely think I looked more radiant and my skin appeared clearer!

I like that this system has separate night and day cream as the skin has different requirements during the day and night. The night cream is thicker and more luxurious which left my thirsty skin feeling sated, my only complaint being by morning my skin did feel a little dehydrated so it probably wasn’t quite rich enough for my skin.

The day cream is nice and light and provides a good base for make up, is easy to apply and just sinks into the skin. It’s a shame it has a low SPF (eight) as I like to protect my skin with a high factor all year round, even winter light can cause damage to skin.

The eye cream which I applied twice daily (which is essential to anybody over twenty five as this is the area in which we start to show the first signs of ageing) was nice and light since anything too heavy can have the reverse effect and cause ageing. I also find any creams that are too rich make my skin break out in milk spots – yuk!

I really liked the idea of a separate cream for the décolleté and neck these areas I sadly neglect. I moisturise my face but I forget about my chest and neck another hot spot for ageing, so this routine made me take notice and look after these delicate areas.

The last product in the kit was a bit of a life saver; my first evening out after having my little boy was to an RAF ball and everybody makes a real effort. I used the glowing serum and I think it definitely gave me an extra boost – I did get lots of compliments that night so it did the job!

Over all I think this is a really good skin care set it made me think about those areas that I so often neglect.  It doesn’t take up lots of time so is great for busy mums and if you are travelling its small, compact and easy to carry. I give Cindy nine out of ten!

A kit Essential

This is a great find and something I have discovered since becoming a mum it will be going into my kit pronto! This lanolin based cream is super strong and will sort out any nasty cracked lips, so many models turn up to shoots in the winter with the most dreadful lips a bit of Lansinoh at the start of the make up should really help. Its also strong enough to keep unruly brows in check and provide a shine like eight our cream.

It’s a Miracle

So to follow on from my Kylie blog nobody was more surprised than me to find out that I was pregnant. Due to the chemotherapy treatment I received as a teenager then subsequent treatment for a pituitary tumour I was told I probably couldn’t have children.

I took this news on the chin and just got on with my life which I expected to be childless. I personally don’t believe in IVF treatment as I wouldn’t want any more chemicals put into my body and I believe there is a reason why the body won’t get pregnant. For me it would be obvious that I could be passing my ‘bad genes’ onto the child…I would never want a child to go through what I have!!

That said here I am pregnant naturally so I think it is going to be ok my doctors tell me there is little chance of passing on my genetic faults!! Its weird though I have had to totally adjust my mindset I think I spent the first seven months of my pregnancy in denial I just couldn’t believe it…

I’m now thirty eight weeks pregnant and my son is on his way we have passed all the tests and things are looking good don’t ever give up hope but don’t put all your eggs in one basket….

One Hot Mama

I know this is not a new shot but as I am approaching the final hurdle in pregnancy I think this picture is going to be my motivation for getting back into shape. I think this is Madonna at her best Dolce and Gabbana really know how to rock it for Madge she looks her best in their clothes and campaigns. This look is reminiscent of her In bed with Madonna era where I think she’s really sexy!!

I love a strong brow with very blonde hair its trashy but  gorgeous!!

One Fit Mama

I am in my thirty fifth week of pregnancy its soon going to be over…thank god although I haven’t had any problems I can’t say I enjoy being pregnant its restrictive. Last week I actually thought I was going into labour only to find out that it was the baby pushing against me, bang goes my mum’s theory that I will know when its going to happen!

On Tuesday I went to see the midwife just for a routine check up all was fine which is fantastic she also told me the reason why my stomach was so hard was because I’m fit which is really good to hear. I’d like to thank my dog and the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside for this by making me get out and walk everyday. I have been walking four miles everyday but this week I’ve had to cut it down to two as I do get tired, but I think exercise really helps!