It’s a Miracle

So to follow on from my Kylie blog nobody was more surprised than me to find out that I was pregnant. Due to the chemotherapy treatment I received as a teenager then subsequent treatment for a pituitary tumour I was told I probably couldn’t have children.

I took this news on the chin and just got on with my life which I expected to be childless. I personally don’t believe in IVF treatment as I wouldn’t want any more chemicals put into my body and I believe there is a reason why the body won’t get pregnant. For me it would be obvious that I could be passing my ‘bad genes’ onto the child…I would never want a child to go through what I have!!

That said here I am pregnant naturally so I think it is going to be ok my doctors tell me there is little chance of passing on my genetic faults!! Its weird though I have had to totally adjust my mindset I think I spent the first seven months of my pregnancy in denial I just couldn’t believe it…

I’m now thirty eight weeks pregnant and my son is on his way we have passed all the tests and things are looking good don’t ever give up hope but don’t put all your eggs in one basket….

Kylie’s Return to form

It’s so good to see Miss Minogue back on form she looks amazing in her new video and the songs not bad either.

Having had cancer myself I know how the treatment can ravage your body and it can take at least four years to get back to normal. I had to totally rebuild my immune system so in that four years I picked up every bug going from shingles to chest infections that left me bed ridden for months.

I should imagine Kylie probably experienced similar symptoms although I think she probably looked after herself better than I did as I was a bit of a reckless teenager trying to pretend I wasn’t effected by my illness.

What I have learned is that the body needs to be nurtured and cared for it is probably the most amazing machine you will ever come into contact with. It won’t let you down if you treat it right! The fitter and healthier you are the more chance you have at fighting off illness….take it from me it’s the best way!!