A kit Essential

This is a great find and something I have discovered since becoming a mum it will be going into my kit pronto! This lanolin based cream is super strong and will sort out any nasty cracked lips, so many models turn up to shoots in the winter with the most dreadful lips a bit of Lansinoh at the start of the make up should really help. Its also strong enough to keep unruly brows in check and provide a shine like eight our cream.

More Work

I love this shoot its really natural and really pretty. It was shot by Efi Zachou at Select model managements studio.  It was a last minute shoot that we did at the end of a beauty shoot I was really pleased with the results….

Yoga Bunny

My very good friend Peter Breen is off to shoot a very glamorous Yoga video in the south of France unfortunately I am unable to go with him to do the male grooming so here are my tips for keeping protected, gorgeous and shiny in the sun….

1. Apply a high factor suncreen Lancaster sun sport multi zone cream stick in spf 30 £20 will be perfect for the face.

2.Cover the entire body in Lancaster sun sport multi protection express mist spf 30 £20. Make sure the sunscreen is applied at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun this gives the product chance to sink in.

Both of these products are water and sweat resistant as it will be very hot and the yoga master will be working very hard.

3.A little bit of concealing will be required to cover any imperfections so after applying the sunscreen and letting it settle in to the skin, this can be done with Laura Mercier Camouflage concealer as it is durable and long lasting.

4. To keep the concealer in place I would spritz final seal by Ben Nye to keep the concealer in place powder isn’t going to work!

5. The look of the video is super sexy and shiny so to finish liberally spritz Lancaster satin bronze dry oil spf6 all over the body this may need to be done several times during the shoot, this product also enhances the tan…

6. I would also suggest reapplying the factor 30 half way through the day even if it means having to shower and start the whole process again….It’s just to make sure the yoga teacher is fully protected throughout the day as too much sun can be devastating!

House of Fraser have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment on all Lancaster products!

Have a great shoot!!

Wedding Make up

I thought I would do a little post about wedding make up as I do get asked about this a lot and if I have time I will do a wedding or two to be honest I really enjoy the day!!

Firstly there are a lot of bad make up artists doing bad bridal make up the worst of their crimes grey shiny skin and a badly applied sliver eye shadow awful! As I always say you get what you pay for what I don’t understand is brides pay a fortune for the dress, the venue and the photographer then pay very little for a make up artist?? On your big day you want to be picture perfect as apart from your marriage the only thing you will have left from your big day is your pics!

My advice is to pay a bit more for a good artist who doesn’t just do bridal make up look for other work magazine tears or celebrity work these artists will be experts in their field and will be up to date with new techniques and products. I often have brides tell me I am too expensive but they are paying for my time and skill any bride I have ever done has always been delighted so I think that might tell you something.

My work in Cosmo Bride 2010 – (Sharmila)

My Bridal website www.lilygilder.co.uk

It’s a Miracle

So to follow on from my Kylie blog nobody was more surprised than me to find out that I was pregnant. Due to the chemotherapy treatment I received as a teenager then subsequent treatment for a pituitary tumour I was told I probably couldn’t have children.

I took this news on the chin and just got on with my life which I expected to be childless. I personally don’t believe in IVF treatment as I wouldn’t want any more chemicals put into my body and I believe there is a reason why the body won’t get pregnant. For me it would be obvious that I could be passing my ‘bad genes’ onto the child…I would never want a child to go through what I have!!

That said here I am pregnant naturally so I think it is going to be ok my doctors tell me there is little chance of passing on my genetic faults!! Its weird though I have had to totally adjust my mindset I think I spent the first seven months of my pregnancy in denial I just couldn’t believe it…

I’m now thirty eight weeks pregnant and my son is on his way we have passed all the tests and things are looking good don’t ever give up hope but don’t put all your eggs in one basket….

Kylie’s Return to form

It’s so good to see Miss Minogue back on form she looks amazing in her new video and the songs not bad either.

Having had cancer myself I know how the treatment can ravage your body and it can take at least four years to get back to normal. I had to totally rebuild my immune system so in that four years I picked up every bug going from shingles to chest infections that left me bed ridden for months.

I should imagine Kylie probably experienced similar symptoms although I think she probably looked after herself better than I did as I was a bit of a reckless teenager trying to pretend I wasn’t effected by my illness.

What I have learned is that the body needs to be nurtured and cared for it is probably the most amazing machine you will ever come into contact with. It won’t let you down if you treat it right! The fitter and healthier you are the more chance you have at fighting off illness….take it from me it’s the best way!!