Scarlett Fever – Kim Cattrall

After seeing Kim Cattrall on the red carpet last night I felt inspired to talk about the classic red lip, done well there is no look more stunning.

As you can see below Kim looks amazing she has a great base a little bit of peachy biscuit y blush and definition on the eyes I think a few individual lash inserts have been added to give a cat like appearance. But the main focus of the look is on the lip.

Don’t be afraid to try this look experiment a bit try different shades of red and see how they look. There are basic rules for colouring, paler skins tend to suit bluish toned reds and olive/ tanned skins suit warmer orangey shades, Asian and black skins suit deeper berry colours.

That said a good primary red can suit everybody Shu Uemura rouge unlimited and Christian Dior Rouge Dior in Celebrity Red are both great all round colours.

1.Make sure your lips are in good condition remove any dry skin by ex foliating this can be done cheaply with some lip balm and an old tooth brush, just gently use circular motions until all the dead skin has disappeared.

2. I suggest using a primer and a well matched lip liner this will help the lipstick last and prevent bleeding.

3. Make sure you don’t get any on your teeth as that is not cool!

4. Like Kim keep the rest of your make up minimal to avoid looking like an eighties hooker!!

My red lip – In my beauty shot have kept the eyes and cheeks to a minimal and I have used contouring and highlighting to make the eyes and cheeks pop, whilst keeping the Lip as the main focus of the look.

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