Worried about the boy- Boy George

Next month BBC2 will be screening worried about the boy as part of their eighties season, this drama starring Matthew Horne who plays drummer Jon Moss will centre on the life of a young boy George played by Douglas Booth and will document  his rise to fame. I’m really looking forward to seeing this as a very young girl I loved culture clubs music Karma chameleon being a particular favourite.

Make up wise you don’t get a better reference than George this is a man after my own heart wearing more make up than a Mac counter George I salute you! The black neck George was sporting a few years ago was a very exaggerated example of contouring showing how dark colour can be slimming…Georges face is a work of art.

A few years ago a did get the pleasure of meeting Boy George it was at a night called Fiction which was held at the Cross, at the time this was the place to be  and I could find myself dancing alongside the late Alexander McQueen and other equally fabulous people!!  He was probably the most fabulous so I’m only going to mention him!!

I ended up spending most of the night chatting to George you could say we where ‘club buddies’ I was really interested in the whole eighties scene the Blitz, Leigh Bowery, Steve Strange etc so I quizzed poor George for most of the night, he did seem quite happy though. At the time George was playing Leigh in Taboo so I think the eighties was quite fresh in his mind.

A lot of the most amazingly talented people in fashion came out of that Blitz era from John Galliano to Pat McGrath the make up genius! It seems a mish mash of fashion, art, music and culture collided and raw talent just spilled out splashing the conciousness of eighties Britain…and still continues today….

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