Cheap Make up Brushes

Pro Silk 20 Piece Cosmetic Brush Set & Roll Case

I’m not advertising for QVC but these brushes are fantastic value great for an enthusiastic amateur or as a back up second set of brushes for a busy professional.

Brushes are so important they are the tools of a make up artists trade I’m very precious over mine and I don’t really like anybody to touch them, the dog has been warned chew them and you will end up on ebay!!

My favourite brushes are from Shu Uemura and Mac I favour soft brushes for most applications apart from the obvious like brows and liner. I really like to use a soft brush for foundation and concealer so I can really buffer the product into the skin for an amazing flawless finish…try it you might like it.

Hygiene is really important with brushes and they must be cleaned every time you use them and must not be used on one person then another without being cleaned first. I wash my brushes with baby shampoo or fairy liquid in luke warm water I make sure the are well rinsed then left to dry flat, its important to lay them flat so that water doesn’t get into the handles and loosen the glue.

Some people condition their brushes with hair conditioner but I don’t feel this is necessary. When brushes need to be cleaned quickly between models I use isopropyl which is available from this leaves the brush dry after cleaning.

I always keep my dirty brushes in a fold away container as I really don’t want to pick up a dirty brush and ruin my make up…

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