Gordon Brown Resigns

This is a little off topic for me but I really felt I had to say something about the man who has been running our country. I think I am controversial when I say this as it always seems to cause up roars at dinner parties but I like Gordon Brown. To me he seems like a nice man a gentle soul who is quietly in control no fuss, no silly pr stunts like Blair or Cameron what you see is what you get. I like the idea that the man who has been in charge of our country has a moral compass he cares.

This is a real female view point but when you see Gordon look at his wife it is with genuine love and feeling and to me that goes along way. Yes this country is in a bit of a mess financially but haven’t we all been there at some point I know I have. I thought that the basic laws of economics meant that with boom there is always bust??? As chancellor  Gordon was in charge of the purse strings but hasn’t he lead us through some of the most successful years?

I just think that he deserves a bit of a break and he shouldn’t be attacked so personally after all he is somebodies son, husband and farther….My husband met Gordon whilst out in Afghanistan and he found Gordon to be very pleasant and easy to talk to an all round nice chap. I’m sorry to see him go nobody does a strong shouldered suit quite like Gordon!!

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