Behind the Scenes

Before any real action starts we have a team meeting to discuss exactly what we are going to do, put all our idea’s in and hopefully come out with some kind of wonderful.

Efi wants to shoot in black and white with a mix of outdoor location and studio shots which really adds extra dimension to a shoot it makes it more interesting and suggests narrative. The vibe Georgia the stylist has gone for is nineties grunge which in case you didn’t know is back we are in the midst of a nineties revival. Before you rush into the loft and dig out the shell suit and high tops think again this grunge is cool and more about supermodels than supermarkets!

Marc and I ‘the glam squad’ want to keep it gorgeous but dirty not too polished very sexy. Marc decided to do big hair which I love and I go for a strong brow and a smokey eye very Guess campaign.

I think the sexy hair and make up works really well with the clothes.

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