Baby, Baby…

I am up early as usual but that is not a bad thing as I have a lot to do today Mr Bond and I have decided that it is time to go shopping for baby… Now I have to confess I am completely clueless having spent most of my life avoiding people with children, ha that will teach me….I knew I should have tuned into the latest conversation about bugaboo’s and the best nursery’s, now I’m sorry!!

I have asked my mum as I assumed she would be the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to children, after all she brought me up and I’m ok…I think??? I hit a brick wall there as apparently it’s all changed and mum can’t really remember and is expecting me to teach her.

I have a list of what is needed to care for a baby but I know once I set foot in mothercare confusion will occur I will feel panicked and over whelmed must remember to breathe. I also get the feeling that we will get taken advantage of ‘yes you really do need this’ or you will be bad parents hmmm. Knowledge is power.

On a more positive note I have already been bought lots of lovely clothes thanks to my sister Gilly and Auntie Carol so yesterday I washed them ready for when baby is born cute or what?

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