The Great Outdoors

After getting some amazing footage and stills in the Mess we decide to venture outside to complete the shoot. Bring on Ruby the beaded wally it’s her time, it’s her moment I am very excited I have always known she was a star…

It’s cold but Shannon and Lucie really pull it out the bag and look fantastic despite the drop in temperature. Ruby does her thing and really enjoys her moment well she thinks its a really fun game chasing girls around a field!

Pete really  gets the best out of the girls it’s 9pm when we finally call it a day. I have to say I am relieved as I am tired and hungry carrying all that extra weight gets to you and I still have to clean up at home, the make up won’t put itself away and brushes don’t clean themselves!!

It was a great day and I can’t wait to see the results of Mr Breen’s genius.

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