The Day of the shoot

Technically I am not supposed to be working as I am now very preggy but I just can’t resist the lure of a shoot, I’m not getting paid so it doesn’t count surely??

I normally wake up ridiculously early I believe my body is getting me ready for motherhood Рsuper! But today of all days I manage to sleep in until 8am amazing! Anyway I drag my pregnant self downstairs to make sandwiches for the shoot its my mothering instincts kicking in that I want to feed everybody. As the shoot is at my house I kind of feel obliged plus I hate being on a shoot and not getting fed. I then make sure the rest of the house is shoot ready.

It takes sometime to get both of the models ready I do believe you can’t rush beauty… I have to do the tan, the nails which I paint a dark grey Gosh Miss Grey then make up… Marc Ramos is doing hair… Eventually we are ready the weather is rubbish so we decide to start in the Officers Mess thank god I live in a Raf base and have access to this location.

Pete is shooting stills and a film so we have a lot to get through. Below is a sneak preview that I took with my iphone.

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