New Work

These shots are from the shoot I organised at my house.

Photography Peter T Breen Hair Marc Ramos Stylist Lucy Kebell Make up Victoria Bond (me) Model Shannon @ Select.

I think Shannon did exceptionally well as that was her first shoot she has a lovely, vulnerable, innocent air a very delicate beauty….

Do let me know your thoughts….

Scarlett Fever – Kim Cattrall

After seeing Kim Cattrall on the red carpet last night I felt inspired to talk about the classic red lip, done well there is no look more stunning.

As you can see below Kim looks amazing she has a great base a little bit of peachy biscuit y blush and definition on the eyes I think a few individual lash inserts have been added to give a cat like appearance. But the main focus of the look is on the lip.

Don’t be afraid to try this look experiment a bit try different shades of red and see how they look. There are basic rules for colouring, paler skins tend to suit bluish toned reds and olive/ tanned skins suit warmer orangey shades, Asian and black skins suit deeper berry colours.

That said a good primary red can suit everybody Shu Uemura rouge unlimited and Christian Dior Rouge Dior in Celebrity Red are both great all round colours.

1.Make sure your lips are in good condition remove any dry skin by ex foliating this can be done cheaply with some lip balm and an old tooth brush, just gently use circular motions until all the dead skin has disappeared.

2. I suggest using a primer and a well matched lip liner this will help the lipstick last and prevent bleeding.

3. Make sure you don’t get any on your teeth as that is not cool!

4. Like Kim keep the rest of your make up minimal to avoid looking like an eighties hooker!!

My red lip – In my beauty shot have kept the eyes and cheeks to a minimal and I have used contouring and highlighting to make the eyes and cheeks pop, whilst keeping the Lip as the main focus of the look.

Stun in the Sun

I thought I would do a simple summer look that’s pretty, quick and easy…

1. Nobody wants a full coverage foundation in the summer its best to keep it light and natural Estee Lauders day wear plus multi protect with a tint release formula is perfect. Not only does this moisturise but it protects the skin as it has a SPF 15 and it will change and blend in colour if you get a tan, a great summer staple.

2. If you need a to conceal keep it light and light reflective pop a bit of Touche Eclat on the under eye and around the nose and chin if needed.

3. Give yourself a glow with Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks go for blushed rose which is a gorgeous browny pinky colour perfect for summer. Keep it simple and use your fingers applying it to the apples of your cheeks, smile and apply!

4. Add a bit of colour with Mac’s Minted eye Kohl apply this to the bottom water line to make your eyes pop, this colour looks great with a tan and it’s low maintenance  in the summer sun.

5. Curl your lashes to really open out your eyes and finish with a coat of waterproof mascara Max Factor lash lift will last all day and give you great volume in just one coat.

6. Finish with Rimmel’s royal gloss in yummy a lovely sheer lippy that’s easy to apply.

A look that should be accompanied by a nice glass of Rose!

The Real Madonna

I am a big Madonna fan I think she is amazing.  She is now in her fifties  but she still rocks it big time… I have just come across unretouched pictures of her from the Louis Vuitton campaign first of all I think she looks fine unretouched and secondly I don’t have a problem with retouching. If you are selling a product whether its make up or a car the best version of this needs to be projected to the public, especially in fashion you are selling a fantasy an ideal.

I think there is a fine line with retouching over retouching just starts to look wrong but done well its fab. For an icon like Madonna image is everything so she wants to present to the world the best version of her the version that will sell Vuitton! I had my wedding pictures retouched and I have to say they look amazing!

Unretouched                                                                 Retouched

My Wedding Pic retouched

Vanity? Not for me I hate my picture being taken and I hate the results but I have 200 photographs that I love. I think it helped that I had noted fashion photographer Peter Breen taking them who managed to find my angle see above!

Always use Sunscreen!

In the words of Baz Lurman always use sunscreen and do something that scares you each day!! British summer time is upon us once more I really can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your skin. I personally wear a factor 50 all year round as any sun can be damaging and ageing. Joan Collins always says  her youthful appearance is down to staying out of the sun and at 70 something I have to say she is right!

My top five for the face

1. La Roche extreme fluid sun spf 50+ (My personal fav this is what I use all year round) Its a very light weight cream suitable for most skin.

2. Clarins uv plus protective day sunscreen SPF 40. Again a light weight fluid but leaves a matte finish to skin.

3. Elizabeth Arden eight hour sun defence for face SPF 50.  This cream gives you all the protection eight hour fans love about the Arden cult range.

4.Biotherm sun milk face SPF 50.  If your skin is a bit on the sensitive side then this is the cream for you designed to be gentle but protective

5. Lancaster sun sport multizone cream SPF 30. This is a great cream for active sun worshippers light weight non greasy and sweat proof! House of Fraser also have a 3 for 2 on all Lancaster products at the moment!

No excuses don’t burn its not cool!!

Tom Pecheux Estee Lauder collection

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous is the only way I can describe the work of Estee Lauders new creative director Tom Pecheux a make up artist who knows how to flatter a woman not cover or conceal.

Since becoming creative make up director of Estee Lauder Pecheux has been working on his new Pure Colour night collection which was first launched at Derek Lams autumn/winter 2010 show which was the first time Estee Lauder had sponsored a show.  Combining a vibrant navy and beautiful black to create strong sultry eyes see below…

Derek Lam Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Also available but not until  August will be the  48 new pure colour eye shadow which will be available in four different long lasting fade resistant finishes Matte, satin, luminous and metallic.

“Make up is such a fashion accessory” says Pecheux…. One we can all afford!!


One Hot Mama

I know this is not a new shot but as I am approaching the final hurdle in pregnancy I think this picture is going to be my motivation for getting back into shape. I think this is Madonna at her best Dolce and Gabbana really know how to rock it for Madge she looks her best in their clothes and campaigns. This look is reminiscent of her In bed with Madonna era where I think she’s really sexy!!

I love a strong brow with very blonde hair its trashy but  gorgeous!!

Ashes to Ashes

I was  really disappointed that Ashes to ashes ended on Friday I love it, eighties clothes, make up a fab sound track and of course the well known phrase that was cleverly turned round by the Tories ‘Lets fire up the quattro’ I think they must have paid a lot for that car as it featured in nearly every episode I was devastated to see it destroyed! My only criticism is I didn’t quite get it….  the ending it was bizarre!

I loved Alex played by Keeley Hawes so in honour of this great character I have created a modern 80’s look…

How to get the look.

My model had great skin so I opted to use a sheer foundation Mac Face and body did the job perfectly any problem areas such as the under eye, around the nose and chin I used Bobbi Browns creamy concealer, making sure it was well blended.

I added a bit of the concealer to the eye lid then blended then set with a Mac Translucent powder my reason for this is I know I will be working with powdered eyeshadow and it needs a good base to work well on.

The Eyes- First of all I lined the waterline of the eye top and bottom with a Black Kohl pencil buy Bourjois make sure you get right into the tear duct to make the eye liner look finished. To create the super blended eye lid you will need a good blending brush a Mac 224 is perfect and several different coloured eye shadows I used from Mac Arena, Gold mine and Tempting and Mahogany from Bobbi Brown. Experiment with creating this look try to keep the darker colours  in the socket line for a more dramatic look.

I finished the eye by curling the lashes and adding a coat of Max Factor lash extension effect mascara,  inserting individual eyelashes and finishing with another coat of mascara to blend and finish.

Cheeks are quite minimal just a bit of Mac powder blush in Prism under the cheek bone for definition.

The lip is strong so a good lip brush is essential to get a good straight line I always use a Shu Uemura lip brush as its easy to use and gives a lovely shape to the lips. The lip colour I have used is Morange by Mac.

To finish I added a bit of Mac mineralize powder to the under eye as I find this to be a great finishing powder. To set the rest of the make up I swept a translucent powder all over the face.

How to Apply Fake Lashes

I thought after yesterdays little shoot it would be nice to give my top tips for applying fake lashes.

1. first of all apply your make up as usual the lash should be one of the last steps in your routine.

2. Make sure you have curled and mascara’d your lashes I find this makes applying eyelashes much easier.

3. Use a good quality glue  Duo in clear is the best it holds all day and is easily removed.

4. Remove the lash from the packet some are easier to remove than others, Once removed the lash can be a bit straight if so wrap it around a pencil or make up brush to get the curved shape required to fit the eye.

5. Measure the eyelash against the eye as it may need trimming always trim from the outside although yesterday some of the lashes had details on the outside of the eye, so use your common sense!!

6. Place a small amount of Duo on the back of the hand and leave for a minute, then take the end of a small make up brush and coat the top of the strip in glue (don’t over do it) waft the lash about a bit then apply using tweezers. Just drop the lash into the lash line and wiggle until its in place. Make sure both of the ends are secured!

7. If using individual lashes which is my preferred lash dip the small tip of the lash into the glue and insert where necessary between mascara’d lashes, for a cat eye look just apply to the outside corner of the lashes, for a more fuller feathery look apply to the whole eye. Remember towards the inner part of the eye you may want to use shorter inserts.

8. Once all lashes are fixed apply a coat of mascara to fully blend the lashes together again with some of the fancy lashes this may not be possible!

9. Don’t forget to mascara the bottom lashes.

10. Pop a little bit of black Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner on the eyelash band to cover it  perfection!

Don’t worry if you can’t do this at first it does take a bit of practice to get it right have fun an experiment with styles and lengths and see what works best for you!